Ice, Ice Princess

A true find.

A true find.


Are you wondering what that is above? Not an apple. Not an albatross albino stone fruit of some sort. And not a figment of your imagination.

It’s actually a peach.

Yes, with white flesh and white skin.

It’s known as the Ice Princess.

And regal she is.

I spotted them at C.J. Olson Cherries fruit market in Sunnyvale, and couldn’t resist buying a few at $3.99 a pound.

They’re grown by Andy’s Orchard in Morgan Hill, which has been growing impeccable fruit, including many heirloom varieties, since 1957.

Andy’s operates a country store on its property daily through the growing season. But if you can’t make it that far south, Olson’s stand is the next best thing. That’s because in the summer it sells a good variety of Andy’s fruit — tree-ripened, meaning you can eat them at their peak.

With its smooth, fuzz-free nearly white skin, the Ice Princess definitely stands out in stark contrast amid all the other crates of rosy-tinged orange peaches and nectarines there.

Cut into it and it’s the color of an Asian pear — but with the give in texture of a peach. Its perfume hits you immediately with the scent of sweet white blossoms. The Ice Princess is a little crisper than other peaches, and doesn’t have the slight acidic note of yellow peaches. Instead, it’s very sweet. It almost reminds me of the taste of — yes — cling peaches in syrup with their honeyed, almost nectar-like quality. Yet instead of tasting overtly of sugar, as the canned ones do, the Ice Princess’ peachy-ness still comes through.

Enjoy them simply out of hand. Or cut in halves and grilled, so their unique coloring still mesmerizes.

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  • I visited Andy’s Orchard a looooong time ago and loved it. They have so many special varieties that you can’t find elsewhere.

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