Reveling In Milkboy Swiss Chocolates

Milkboy Swiss Chocolates' newest bar.
Milkboy Swiss Chocolates’ newest bar.

Ah, the Swiss — they sure know how to make timepieces. And they certainly have a way with chocolate.

Milkboy Swiss Chocolates is a prime example of that.

Gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free, and certified Kosher, the award-winning chocolates are produced in Switzerland, using milk sourced from the Swiss Alpine region and Rainforest Alliance-certified cocoa.

Recently, I had a chance to sample its chocolate bars, including its newest in the lineup, Alpine Milk with Refreshing Lemon and Ginger Bar.

What you notice immediately with any of the chocolates upon placing a square upon your tongue is just how creamy the texture and how smoothly it melts in your mouth.

The lemon and ginger bar, which features essential lemon oil, vanilla pods and bits of candied ginger, is sweet and citrusy with subtle hits of warm ginger here and there.

One of my favorites was the 72% Cocoa with Crispy Mint. You can smell the mint the minute you unwrap the bar. It’s like a Thin Mint cookie meets Nestle Crunch Bar.

The bar collection.
The bar collection.

The 72% Cocoa with Fresh Roasted Coffee is similarly dark and smooth, with the taste of strong, black coffee on the finish. The Extra Dark 85% Cocoa is darker and bolder still, with the merest sweetness and a nice natural nutty note.

The Alpine Milk with Roasted Almonds has little bits of toasty almonds throughout so you get nuttiness in every bite. The Alpine Milk with Crunchy Caramel and Sea Salt comes on plenty sweet with caramel-toffee notes at the start, then finishes with just the right amount of salt.

The Alpine Milk is perfect for milk chocolate purists who really want to savor a bar that actually tastes of milk. Not surprisingly, the White Chocolate with Bourbon Vanilla is the sweetest of all with the taste of a vanilla milk shake. Unlike lesser white chocolates, this one has no waxy texture or taste.

Dark, crunchy, and cooling, that's what this 72% Cocoa with Crispy Mint bar is like.
Dark, crunchy, and cooling, that’s what this 72% Cocoa with Crispy Mint bar is like.

The 3.5-ounce bars are 220 to 240 calories per serving (2.5 servings per bar), depending on the variety. If you’re craving good chocolate, you’ll be glad to know you can snag them on the Milkboy site, as well as at Whole Foods and Amazon.

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