Food Gal Giveaway of Organic California Olive Oil

Luscious organic, local olive oil from Northern California by Sorelle Paradiso. (Photo courtesy of Daily Gourmet)

The Scianamblo family, who trace its roots to Puglia, Italy, has been farming in Northern California for 30 years. But it wasn’t until recently that their daughter, an integrative health practitioner and educator, convinced her parents to convert their 44-acre olive grove to all organic.

The family business, Sorelle Paradiso, now makes award-winning organic extra virgin olive oils pressed from their Mission, Sevillano, and Nevadillo Blanco olives.

The golden-hued Sorelle Paradiso Sevillano oil has a beguiling aroma of grass and pear, while the Mission Blend is all green apple, nuts and hay.

A 750ml bottle of the Mission Blend and a 375ml of the Pure Sevillano regularly sell for $75 plus $21 in shipping.

But through the end of this week, Daily Gourmet, is offering the duo for $62 plus free shipping (a $34 savings). The San Francisco-based company offers limited-time deals on gourmet products from around the country to its members. Becoming a member is as easy as signing up here.

Win these two bottles of organic olive oil (total value of $96). (Photo courtesy of Daily Gourmet)

Contest: I’m happy to be giving away one bottle each of the 750ml Mission Blend and the 375ml Pure Sevillano to one lucky Food Gal reader. Contest is open only to those in the continental United States. Entries will be accepted through noon PST July 21. Winner will be announced on July 22.

How to win?

Pricey olive oil can be a luxury, that’s for sure. Tell me one thing you feel is worth splurging on — be it food-related or not.

Here’s my own answer to that question:

“A deep-tissue massage at a posh spa. I can only afford to get one probably once a year. But boy, does it do the trick. It can be a little painful at times, but in a good way. I feel utterly relaxed afterward and as loose as a rag doll. And hey, who doesn’t want to be kneaded like bread dough every once in awhile?”

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  • Sounds like they’ve found a way to make a fantastic product even better!

  • A great vacation with loved ones is definitely worth a splurge.

  • Good cheese

  • Truffle oil…a little goes a long way and adds so much

  • In the winter, I have to get a black truffle. Though pricey, these pungent fungi are amazing. I keep them in a jar with eggs, so not only do I get amazing flavor from the truffle itself, but I stretch it’s value because the eggs absorb the distinctive taste as well. This winter-time splurge is a must in my kitchen because it is a great way to liven up those winter vegetables, and it’s a great way to add flavor without adding calories when you’re trying to recuperate from the holiday calorie-fest.

  • Fancy chocolate. I almost visited the Amedei factory near Pisa to get more of their lovely sweets but alas, our vacation itinerary was too tight to make a detour. Luckily we bought some at the Rome airport. 😉

  • A good hair-dresser! I’m not one of those people that can color my own hair or even cut my own bangs so I have to get my hair done very 3 months or so. It’s really important to me to go my hair-dresser, who I know charges a bit more than others, but it’s SO totally worth it!

  • I actually adore Californian olive oil, but never tried this particular one. Very tempting!

    For me, trip with my 2 sisters would be a real splurge, as we having a hard time to really making it into realization.

  • My own olive oil from picuals and aberquinas,a perfect Spanish blend,just as frantoios and leccinos are the Italian one…. Would love to win a bottle of your California blend to dress my heirlooms tomatoes, forget the inexpensive hybrids,they are full of indigestable seeds and inedible skins. Consume heirlooms if you can afford.

  • Good craft beer, wine, and cheese are worth spending a lot on, but good chocolate like Valrhona makes all the difference in baking and when I do not question the cost.

  • Good Food, I allow myself to splurge on a really good meal or a chance to try something new. I wish I could help myself, but I’m just too good at talking me into it!! A friend or loved one will have to be the ones to hold me back, but if I have a partner in crime? They will never catch us!! yum!

  • As a pastry chef and baker, I have found myself on my days off I cant help but have to do something with my hands. I have a liquid levain that is rip with flavor and when I get a chance I enjoy making him into a nice flavorful loaf of bread and the only other thing that is good with it for a snack is a small plate with a nice olive oil. I have turned many friend onto eating bread this way.

  • Oh this looks fabulous! One thing worth splurging on – anniversary dinners and getaways!

  • Great sushi (and fellowship) at the former “Sushi-Man” in San Francisco was worth splurging on. We miss him.

  • I think good cheese is definitely worth the splurge!

    Great giveaway!

  • would love to splurge on a nice 2nd honeymoon for my parents! to somewhere nice and relaxing and full of great food, maybe italy(fingers cross I win the lottery)

  • I will splurge on a great bottle of beer. I can’t afford all the ones I’d like to have, but every now and then…

  • Travel with someone you love. Nothing you buy will last forever, but an actual adventure–whether it’s somewhere close for a weekend getaway or venturing to the far corners of the earth–with someone you love is an experience you will always be able to look back on, long after it’s over. Travel is a luxury, but one I think is more than worth the dollar amount.

  • Good organic food.
    It makes me happy 🙂

  • Solar panels – where I live, it doesn’t take a tropical storm to knock out power. We’ve lost it in the recent past from just lightning and heat waves (mass AC’s drain grid = brownouts).

    Of course I buy olive oil too, for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Plus it tastes lovely on salads ^_^

  • Hey! I found your contest on the expensive olive oil and not only did I think that was extremely generous of you to do (give away a free bottle of $75 olive oil) but neat how you were going to go about doing it! So I thought I’d write a quick blurb about what I feel is appropriate to splurge money on…

    Okay I know this might sound extremely broad and vague yet it’s basically the philosophy behind it that I feel is key. I think it’s most appropriate to splurge on yourself! But what I mentioned before, it’s the philosophy behind it that I see important. It’s generosity; but wouldn’t it make more sense to splurge on others to be generous? Well yeah, if money happened to be unlimited for you, but it’s not, as we all have come to find out at one point or another.

    So how would splurging on yourself make sense for generosity’s sake? It’s a concept we all learned in 2nd grade, sharing. Sharing experiences, sharing material possessions, sharing a delicious dessert you may have dropped $40 bucks on for just one of the things to bake it with, whatever it may be, it makes sense once you share. It’s the key to being generous, which is why I feel it’s most appropriate to splurge on yourself, buy that extra nice stand mixer, buy yourself a trip to the Grand Canyon, buy that DSLR camera, then proceed to share what you’ve gained by sharing it with others.

    Michael Barth

  • I will splurge on a massage, always a good investment! I will also splurge on Chocolate!

  • I would splurge on a vacation and good food!

  • One thing I feel is worth splurging on are comfortable shoes! I’ve bought expensive shoes that can be painful to wear & cheap shoes that hurt & cause blisters too. Best are shoes that fit & you can wear all day. I love tennis shoes & can wear them all day long, I don’t care if everyone gives me dirty looks at work. They are in good shape, don’t hurt, & makes me happy! Long live comfortable shoes!

  • When it comes to splurging I will always pick traveling! Then splurging when you are traveling is also a must! I think saving up the money to have one awesome trip once a year is worth it by far. Then saving enough to enjoy the awesome food and activities while you are there. There is not typically a lot I will splurge on but memories with those you love will always be worth it. Plus I like to look back on the trip and not feel bummed out for not doing something because it was too much money. When I go I want to be able to go all out and really experience the areas, indulge in the great food and cherish every moment.

    Oh how I wish it was cheaper to travel! Just got back from Italy, Spain & England for a Christmas/New Years trip. Next on the agenda is Greece or Croatia! Saving every dime for that trip!

  • This question is a no brainer. My answer will always be great food. One of the things I love most in life is trying out all sorts of different unique foods and restaurants. (I suppose I would love to have your job!) When I go to these new divine spots I really want the whole experience and am more than willing to splurge. Although it can’t happen all the time my girlfriend and I keep a list going of great places we want to try. It is so fun to travel around California and beyond simply to try great food. Food really brings people together and is something I am passionate about. I also splurge on great organic ingredients and dinner parties. I am more than happy to splurge to throw a dinner party with great friends, great food and great wine! Nothing beats it!

  • Contest is now closed. Come back tomorrow to see who won.

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