A Hammy Food Gal Giveaway

How'd you like a half ham like this to grace your holiday table? (Photo courtesy of Snake River Farms)

Snake River Farms wants to make your Easter especially hammy.

The Idaho-based specialty meat company produces extraordinary Wagyu beef and Kurobuta pork, which I’ve had the good fortunate of trying many times in the past. For Easter, they’re teaming with Tree Top to entice you to bake your ham with a sweet, tangy apple juice glaze this upcoming holiday.

Contest: To whet your appetite even more, one very lucky Food Gal reader will win a half bone-in ham from Snake River Farms ($99 value), along with a basket of Tree Top goodies and a recipe for the perfect glaze.

Entries, limited to those in the continental United States, will be accepted through midnight PST March 31. Winner will be announced April 2.

How to win?

Just tell me about a time when you’ve really hammed it up. Best answer wins.

Here’s my own response:

“I’m not the world’s most demonstrative person, but I actually did do karaoke once in my life — up on stage in front of a bunch of co-workers from the newspaper. I’m sure a few glasses of wine were involved. Flanked by my two gal-pals, Lori and Barbara, we managed to dig up enough courage to perform our best rendition of ‘Stop in the Name of Love.’ I can’t say that any of us has a voice worth speaking of. But we gave it our best shot, complete with choreographed arm movements, where we’d hold our hand out with gusto every time we belted out the word, ‘stop.’ The real Supremes, no doubt, would have been impressed. At the end, we did get some rather hearty applause. Hopefully, it wasn’t just to nudge us off the stage.”

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  • My husband is a concert producer. Two summers ago he put on an “Old School Jam” show at Raley field. I was up on the stage, on the side lines and doing a little dancing when I got pulled up to the front and found myself dancing with the lead singer. To this day I can’t bear to watch the video. Let’s just say that middle age women shouldn’t be doing the ‘boom, boom, boom’.

  • HAHAHAHA! Love your hammin’ story. As for me, I definitely hammed it up for my boyfriend recently when I was trying on some new clothes for a trip we’re taking in a few months– I tried to imagine the “I am sexy” song in my head while I strutted in some new outfits, but we both ended up on the floor laughing at out ridiculous I was 🙂

  • Christopher Sorel

    Once you have kids you have to ham it up or show boat. A father was trying this at my sons hockey practice that he do a drill fast than anyone then when he was done he did a superman. Well I took the challenge and smoked him in the drill then did a ride on my hockey stick to celebrate then snow sprayed the boys. It received a huge laugh and cheer from the boys. Have to love 7 & 8 year olds.

  • Dear Carolyn

    I can imagine how good the wagyu and kurobuta pork can taste. For a long time, I have stopped buying regular ham unless they are carved off the bone. The taste, flavour and texture of bone-in ham are just awesome.

  • As part of a kind of hazing ritual first year of med school, we had to create this video/skit to perform in front of the upperclassmen, all with only a few hours of planning. Needless to say, there was much hamming it up. I remember my one role was to shriek like a starstruck teenager for a good five minutes. It was intense.

  • A few years ago, I had some friends over for a dinner party when the subject of breakdancing came up. Much to my husband’s surprise, I informed everyone that I could moonwalk. Of course, after this admission, they demanded proof. So I stood up, and moonwalked backwards right into the open wine glass cabinet, sending glasses shattering over and all around me. After the initial stunned silence, everyone erupted into the loudest bout of laughing that I have ever heard. Good times.

  • The Post Office Tavern in Leavenworth, WA after a long afternoon/evening of celebrating the imminent demise of a fellow bachelor: Karaoke was in order. First and only time I have done it but got the place up and rocking to “Twist and Shout” from the Beatles, ala Ferris Buellers Day Off. Or, at least that’s how I remember it all happening. Anyway, I heard from my buddies that it was hilarious and kind of horrifying all at once.

  • I really “hammed” it up once in the literal sense. I had never roasted a pig before so my gardner and I designed and built a spit in my backyard big enough to roast up to a 50 lb pig. We built it with brick, sand and concrete blocks. We started small and ordered a suckling from Sylvia Pryzant of Four Story Hill Farm in PA and I threw a pig roast party, about 8 hours later, went through a lot of charcoal and sweat, we underestimated roasting time but it turned out beautifully for a first try. Everyone was incredibly drunk by then but when you are among great friends and using them as “guinea” pigs, who cared, a fun night was had by all. And, of course I have had my share of “hamming “it up times too. Pretty much every day!

  • Have had Snake River Kurobuta Ham before, delicious! Love Snake River Pork!

  • With me being a Sommelier, I performed my Sommelier karaoke version of the Don Henley/Eagles hit “New York Minute” using the names of Master Sommeliers in the lyrics.

  • Well, many years ago when I was still selling wine, as a cheese maven I was asked to perform something well above my station;to pair some of the world’s finest blue-veined cheese with some of the world’s finest ports and sherries for Ms. Christian Finger, for a gala being held at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. The event was to host HRH Princess Margaret of England.
    At the appointed time I was to be introduced to her under specific guidelines. I was to keep my arms down, look down until I was spoken to, look up, smile, make a small smile, wait for her to ask me a question, then answer her with a few words, make a small curtsie, turn and be escorted away.
    When it was my turn, I knew I had my s^%^^%t together. She asked me how I came about making my choices for the wine and cheese pairing, I smiled and said, “Amegump duh swmihg vebuleboo sumelleoovmahump”.EEEEohvoumeph.” Since I was unsuccessful getting my tongue out from behind my uvula in time to show off my sophisticated verbal skills, I just smiled at her, made a slight curtsie and walked away. Her head was cocked sideways to her left, I’m sure, trying to understand which language I was speaking, and I just figured I’d leave her guessing. Today I try not to ham it up so as not to embarrass myself and others like that again.

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