Mango Habanero Potato Chips — and A Food Gal Giveaway

Chips that have some heat.

Potato chips flavored with tropical mango and blistering habanero?

Oh, yes.

Of course, it’s the newest flavor by Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips.

I recently had a chance to sample the new ”Mango Habanero!” (don’t forget that exclamation mark) chips.

They’re thin and crisp to be sure. They have a kick of heat — not nearly as potent as an actual fresh habanero, but you’ll definitely notice a warm burn on the palate. The mango is more elusive. There’s a very faint back-note of something fruity. But if I didn’t know it was supposed to be mango, I’m not sure I would have detected it.

The chips are available in a range of different sized bags at your local grocery stores.

Contest: One lucky Food Gal reader will get a chance to win four small (1-ounce each) bags of the new “Hawaiian Kettle Style Mango Habanero!” chips. It’s the perfect size for tucking into a lunch bag.

Entries, open only to those in the continental United States, will be accepted through midnight PST July 7. Winner will be announced July 9.

How to win your chips?

Just tell me how you are like a “chip off the old block,” as the saying goes. Best answer wins.

Here’s my own answer to that question:

“When it comes to hair, I am my mother’s daughter. Alas. As a youngster, her hair was thick, wavy and massive. But when she reached her 20s, it grew baby fine. So did mine at exactly that same time. When it comes to a voracious sweet tooth, I am my father’s daughter. My Dad never met a piece of See’s Candy he didn’t like. He was known to have a piece of pie before dinner. And he wasn’t above having two desserts at one time. As for me? Guilty on all three counts.”

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  • Oh these sound so delicious! We have made our own potato chips a few times and have really enjoyed them. Don’t know why we don’t do it more often.

  • The chips sound great — a nice balance of flavor! Love that texture too. 🙂

  • I am really that “chip” to enter for this giveaway as THEY are my favorite snacks..I call guilty pleasure. :O I will trade any sweet goods for these savory snacks anytime.

  • made me crave potato chips now… and I was being so good eating healthy hehe … not 🙂

  • I have been eating this actually so a few potato chips won’t hurt

  • Yum! I might be going to Hawaii this year so I’ll try them when I get there! 🙂

  • this looks delish and a great giveaway, too bad I’m not allowed to join..

  • These definitely sound like something I’d love to try! What a unique flavor.

  • My mom always loved sweets-See’s candy, cookies, cake, or pie were always in the house. (Yes, she baked!) My dad always turned up his nose at sweets, unless it was fruit we would pick ourselves in Brentwood. Now I am older (and my mom is gone) i see I have ended up with my mom’s easy-going, supportive, personality. From my dad, I have inherited a boredom with sweets but with a Chip habit, Lays, Pringles, Ruffles,you name it, if you put them in front of me they are gone In 60 seconds! In fact if I see a new flavor of chip in the store, I have to try it. Would love to try these!

  • Yum!

    Those chips will go really well with peach-habanero sorbet!

  • To say I am a “chip off the old block” is an understatement. As teenagers, we misleadingly cringe at the possibility of turning into our parents. Now in my mid twenties, this inevitable realization is more of a pleasant epiphany than a dreaded nightmare. I can go on and on about how my mothers high-pitched, billowing laugh eerily resembles my uncontrollable shrills (it has gotten me many a dirty looks at restaurants and movie theaters), or how my dads lack of common sense apparently doesn’t fall far from the tree(both of us literally walking into an arrest scene without even noticing almost gave my mother a heart attack, but made for a good story later). But since we are on the topic of food, I will limit myself to these similarities. My dad and I are very competitive, and every chance I get, I challenge him to a cook-off. Though he has many extra years under his belt, I have the ego of a well seasoned chef. Ultimately, he ends up “winning” since I just started cooking a few years ago, but the tips he shares and the time with him I get to spend are truly special. Now for my mom. If its one thing that she can’t stand, it has got to be people “picking” at food. I am very guilty of this and would rather pick all day instead of have actual meals. This drives her bonkers. But every now and then, when she thinks nobody is looking, I see her creep into the kitchen, carefully open the refrigerator door, and start nibbling on some goodies: a little swab of the icing, a tear off the rotisserie chicken, a spoonful of the mashed potatoes. I guess I really did “get it from my mama.”

  • i love to munch potato chips because they taste great.,

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