San Francisco Landmarks Rendered in Chocolate

The San Francisco Landmarks Box.

The San Francisco Landmarks Box.

You may have eaten your way around San Francisco. But have you eaten San Francisco?

Recchiuti Confections actually makes that possible in the most decadent way.

Its new San Francisco Landmarks Box is the perfect souvenir for locals or visitors. Inside are eight signature Burndt Caramel Caramel Truffles, depicting four San Francisco landmarks: Coit Tower, Sutro Tower, a trolley, and the Golden Gate Conservatory.

The new chocolate box is in partnership with Creativity Explored, a Mission District non-profit that supports artists with developmental disabilities to help them create, sell and display their art. Two dollars from the sale of each $21 box goes to that organization.

I had a chance to sample one of the boxes recently. Honestly, is there anything left to say about the Burnt Caramel Truffles? They are sublime — smooth, rich and expensive tasting. The bitterness of the dark chocolate and the darkness of the caramel promises that this will never be a too-sweet treat.

The images of the chocolate are charming. And the fact that the chocolates support a great cause makes all those sinful calories go down even easier.

The San Francisco Landmarks Box is available at the Recchiuti flagship store inside the Ferry Building in San Francisco, its Little Nib store in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood, and on the Recchiuti Web site.

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