A Spook-A-Licious Halloween with Woodhouse Chocolate

Woodhouse Chocolate says "boo'' in the sweetest way.

Woodhouse Chocolate says “boo” in the sweetest way.


Woodhouse Chocolate in St. Helena has long been one of my favorite chocolatiers.

First off, its chocolates are incomparably smooth and creamy.

Second, its shop on Main Street is like the Tiffany’s of chocolates. They are displayed like precious jewels, making enjoying even one bonbon feel like such a special indulgence.

When samples of its Halloween offerings arrived on my doorstep to sample, I couldn’t wait to dig in.

How adorable is this solid chocolate ghost ($10)? It gets its ghostly hue from white chocolate that hides a hefty amount of dark chocolate that tastes like a deep, delicious brownie. It’s 5 1/2 inches tall — making it large enough to share if you’re feeling generous.

The “Eyeball on a Spoon” ($8) is definitely something you don’t see everyday. It’s a little creepy, but one taste of the milk chocolate with its caramel notes will leave you feeling much more comforted.

The box of five white chocolate skulls ($10) is like two treats in one. One layer is filled with dulce de leche, the other with brown butter ganache. They make for a sweet treat with a very pronounced toffee-like flavor.

Halloween is full of candy. But it’s only the very fortunate trick-or-treaters who get Woodhouse goodies.

Winner of Last Week’s Food Gal Contest

In the most recent Food Gal contest, I asked you to tell me what your favorite spice is — and why.

The winner will receive a free “Prosperity Cinnamon” box ($85 value) from World Vision.

Fragrant ground Vietnamese cinnamon hides inside.

Fragrant ground Vietnamese cinnamon hides inside.

Congrats to:

Robyn Wood, who wrote, “Cinnamon for me too. I remember when I was little, I stayed with my grandparents while my parents worked. My grandmother had to make a Southern breakfast for my grandfather every morning. But, for me she would sometimes make cinnamon toast. I’ll make it occasionally now, and I can remember sitting with my grandfather while he had breakfast and drank the blackest coffee (which my grandmother would dilute for me). I guess that’s why I’m a dark coffee addict too. I love when fall is here and I can start making all the pumpkin and spicy desserts. Cardamom is a a close second. I love it’s sweetness and in my job as a pastry chef, I love combining it with orange for ice cream and a coffee cake I created.”

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