Chocolate and Tequila For Valentine’s Day

It's like two treats in one.

It’s like two treats in one.


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, TCHO, Berkeley’s bean-to-bar chocolate maker, has injected a little boozy fun and deliciousness into its artisan bars.

It has teamed with Jose Cuervo to add that renowned spirits maker’s reserve tequila, Reserva de la Familia, into TCHO’s distinctive tile chocolates.

The dark chocolate squares feature cacao nibs infused with the extra añejo tequila. I had a chance to try a sample recently. The fine cacao nibs add a subtle crunchiness to the slim chocolate squares. And the tequila imparts noticeable nutty, vanilla, caramel, and almost dried apricot flavors.

It’s a good thing that four of the squares constitute only 200 calories because I think I ate as many just in my first tasting. That’s how delicious this chocolate is.

The box is decorated with artwork by Mexican artist Jorge Méndez Blake.

The box is decorated with artwork by Mexican artist Jorge Méndez Blake.

A 12-piece box (8g) is $19.99. The limited-edition chocolate is available on the TCHO site, and at the TCHO kiosk at the Westfield San Francisco Centre.


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  • Chocolate and booze goes really well together, doesn’t it? Although I’ve never combined tequila with it. I’ve had that combo, though, at a restaurant, and it’s good. Fun post — thanks.

  • Oh…chocolate and tequila? This sounds really fun…somehow I have never had this combination…time to give this a try…
    I hope you are having a great week Carolyn 🙂

  • Sounds fancy and delicious — perfect for any romantic celebration. 🙂

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