A Different Kind of Energy Snack

Sesame seeds, maple syrup and seaweed make up this energy snack.

Sesame seeds, maple syrup and seaweed make up this energy snack.


So many energy bars these days are glorified candy bars.

As much as I love chocolate and sweets, I do try to look for actual nutrition in the bars that I always stash in my purse or carry-on for when I need a boost of peppiness.

That’s why I was glad to have discovered Maple Chewnami Nibbles on the shelves of the adorable Elk Store in the teeny town of Elk, during a stopover on the coast.

Yes, these snack bars have a crazy name. And even crazier ingredients: kelp and sesame seeds — all held together with maple syrup and brown rice syrup. That’s all there is to them. They are gluten-free, too.

They are all crunch, with a potent nuttiness from the sesame seeds. The kombu adds a subtle savoriness while the maple syrup balances it with just a hint of sweetness.

It’s made by Mendocino’s Rising Tide Sea Vegetables, which hand-harvests local seaweed to make an assortment of products, including bars, trail mix, and these nibbles (or mini bars).

Sea vegetables in an energy bar.

Sea vegetables in an energy bar.

One serving has 130 calories with 378mg potassium, 3.2g protein, and no cholesterol. The nibbles also are a decent source of magnesium, iron and calcium.

They definitely satisfy if you’re craving something crackling crisp to nibble on. And they sure do a body better than a bag of Doritos.

A 3-ounce bag is $4.49.

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  • Sounds like a yummy and healthy snack…although sometimes Doritos is too tempting! 😉

  • Energy bars really are useful — we’ll nibble on one when we’re out and need to eat something but can’t (or don’t want to) stop for a proper meal. They’ll keep us going for a reasonable amount of time, and when we do have a chance to eat we won’t be so famished that we’ll compensate by overeating. This looks like a good brand — satisfying and not loaded with things I’d rather not eat. Thanks!

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