Burma Superstar Launches Its Own Tea Leaf Salad Kit

Make Burma Superstar's famous tea leaf salad -- in the comfort of your own home.
Make Burma Superstar’s famous tea leaf salad — in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re a fan of Burma Superstar’s signature Burmese tea leaf salad, you’ll be glad to know it’s never been easier to make a version at home now.

No more hunting around fruitlessly for fermented tea leaves or any of the other specialty ingredients needed. Burma Superstar’s new Burma Love Foods Company has put together a Fermented Tea Leaf Salad Kit. It’s vegan to boot.

The kit.
The kit.

The kit, which should be kept refrigerated until used, comes complete with the already made fermented tea leaf dressing made with organic tea leaves, as well as Burmese Crunchy Mix, which is a blend of crispy yellow split peas, toasted sunflower seeds, fried garlic chips, sesame seeds and roasted peanuts.

All you need to add is romaine lettuce, diced tomato, diced jalapeno, a splash of fish sauce, and a squirt of lemon juice. Just toss everything together, and serve.

I had a chance to try a sample recently, and it proved a huge hit in my household.

The crunchy mix.
The crunchy mix.
The fermented tea leaf dressing.
The fermented tea leaf dressing.

With the romaine recall still in place, I actually ended up using shredded Savoy cabbage instead, which worked great.

This salad has so much going on — all of it good. It’s got a range of textures, from the crisp cabbage to all the delightfully crunchy garnishes. The fermented tea leaf dressing may resemble the black lagoon, but don’t let that scare you off. It’s so flavorful, with a haunting savory astringency from the tea.

The $17.99 kit makes enough for four to six servings. It’s available at Bi-Rite Markets in San Francisco, and Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco. You can also get it delivered via GoodEggs.

With big flavors and a range of textures, it's addictive.
With big flavors and a range of textures, it’s addictive.

Enjoy this famed salad — without having to stand in line to squeeze yourself into the restaurant for it.

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  • I have been known to drive from Cupertino to Alameda, **ostensibly** to visit a friend, who knows me well enough to always suggest we lunch on this salad at Burma Superstar. Pretty sure she suspects she is not really the main attraction!

  • Carroll: LOL I’m sure your friend appreciates the excuse to share this salad with good company! 😉

  • Wow, game changer! I love Burmese tea salad and it’s really that fermented tea leaf that’s the core to the salad. Too much work to make yourself so love the idea of this kit.

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