Coconut Collaborative: A Dairy-Free Deep Indulgence

Small yet mighty in satisfaction.
Small yet mighty in satisfaction.

It’s tiny. But it’s oh-so-big on decadence.

The Coconut Collaborative’s Chocolate Dessert Pot is thick and fudgy, and tastes like velvety dark chocolate ganache. Close your eyes, and you can easily imagine enjoying it out of a crystal goblet at a fine restaurant, not out of a plastic cup in your own kitchen.

What’s more, it’s dairy-free.

That’s because it’s made with coconut cream.

Founded in London, the company specializes in dairy-free desserts made with coconut cream or coconut milk instead.

I had a chance to try samples recently. The Chocolate Dessert Pot is small (45g each), and each has 100 calories. It may be only a couple spoonfuls, but it’s so rich that it’s really more than enough to satisfy that chocolate craving. And I speak as a true chocoholic.

There’s also a Salted Caramel Dessert Pot. The coconut is more prominent in this one, along with a nice hit of salted toffee-caramel on the palate. Like the chocolate version, this one just tastes so fancy.

The dairy-free blueberry yogurt that's made with coconut milk.
The dairy-free blueberry yogurt that’s made with coconut milk.

The Coconut Collaborative, whose products are sold throughout the United States now, also makes coconut yogurts. The Plain version lets the coconut taste really shine through. It’s thick and creamy like a Greek or Icelandic yogurt. The Blueberry has blueberry compote swirled in it prettily. The berries add a little more sweetness, but you definitely still taste coconut prominently.

Each 120g serving of the yogurt has about 170 calories, 12g total fat, 0g cholesterol, 6g total sugars, 110mg potassium, and 0g calcium, depending upon the variety.

Even sweeter is the Coconut Collaborative’s charitable component: Every year, the company gives free coconut seedlings to farmers in the Philippines and Bali. Five years after planting, the trees become a plentiful source of coconuts for the farmers to sell or to feed to family and friends.

Find the yogurts ($1.79 each) and dessert pots ($3.99 for a pack of four) at local Safeway and Mollie Stone’s stores.

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