Add A Sweet Lift to Easter

Easter gets even more fun with Lift's chick truffles.
Easter gets even more fun with Lift’s chick truffles.

Fellow U.S. Marines nicknamed Brandon Busch “The Candy Man” for this lieutenant colonel’s major sweet tooth. It was a passion he took rather seriously, too. So much so that the heavy-lift helicopter pilot spent any downtime during his deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan reading textbooks from the Culinary Institute of America.

So, when he segued into civilian life to pursue a Willy Wonka-like dream, Busch couldn’t resist naming his business Lift Chocolate in a nod to his former occupation, as well as to the feeling he hopes to impart in anyone who enjoys his chocolates.

Indeed, his creations are sure to lift your day, especially on Easter.

I had a chance recently to try samples from this Boulder, CO chocolate shop, opened in 2017 by Busch, a graduate of the pastry program at Johnson & Wales.

These whimsical molded chocolates are sure to bring out the kid in anyone. The Malted Milk Chick Truffles ($10 for three) are definitely on the sweet side, what with their white chocolate shells. The filling is a creamy, smooth malted milk chocolate.

Say "hello'' to a Peanut Butter Crisp Chick.
Say “hello” to a Peanut Butter Crisp Chick.
This little guy is made with a rocky road filling.
This little guy is made with a rocky road filling.

The Peanut Butter Crisp Chick ($8) has a substantial milk chocolate shell that gives way to a sweet-salty peanut butter filling studded with peanuts and puffed rice for added crunch.

A look inside.
A look inside.

As a die-hard dark chocolate fan, the Rocky Road Bunny ($8) hit the spot with its adorable bunny head shape in semisweet chocolate that holds more dark chocolate inside laden with marshmallow pieces and peanuts. Yes, I ate the ears first. And you know you will, too.

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