Discover “The Well Seasoned Librarian”

(Image courtesy of Dean Jones)
(Image courtesy of Dean Jones)

Dean Jones is a long-time Bay Area librarian, who also has a deep passion for food and cooking, as well as exploring new restaurants.

Now, he’s cooked up something really irresistible — a new podcast.

In the wittily titled, “The Well Seasoned Librarian” podcast, Jones talks in-depth to cookbook authors, food writers, farmers, bakers, chocolate experts, and culinary historians.

It’s a fun, enlightening, and entertaining time, as I personally discovered when he invited me to be a guest on the show last week.

Take a listen here as I talk about how I got started in food writing, what it’s like to develop recipes and write cookbooks, how the pandemic has affected restaurants, what my favorite cookies are, and whom I would invite to my ultimate fantasy dinner party.

“The Well Seasoned Librarian” is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other platforms.

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  • This was so much fun to listen to! I enjoyed hearing how you got into food writing and all the work that went into your cookbooks. I hope your Silicon Valley cookbook is able to be released after the pandemic dies down.

    I heartily agree with your dinner party guests and your favorite cookie hehe. After reading all your posts about Love For Butter, I finally got to try some of his pastries earlier this summer and they were absolutely divine. I actually intended to bring them to a picnic with friends, but some of the pastries did not make it to the picnic… 😀

  • Hi Joanna: All I can say is that you have way more willpower than I do if any of those Love For Butter pastries made it to your picnic! LOL

    I am so glad you enjoyed the podcast. It was such fun to be a part of it. And yes, fingers (and toes) crossed that my “Silicon Valley Cooks” cookbook will go forward again when life gets closer to normal. As always, thanks for your wonderful support. 😉

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