French Laundry Holiday Party

A giant clothespin ice sculpture greeted guests on Sunday at the French Laundry holiday party.

Yes, the French Laundry is the only Michelin three-star restaurant in California, and one of the hardest reservations in the country to snag.

But did you know that the tres elegant Yountville restaurant sure knows how to throw one heck of a holiday party, too?

This past Sunday afternoon under gray, threatening skies, the stone building was aglow with candles, a roaring fireplace, and gleaming white tents for its annual holiday party. Yours truly was among the throngs who gathered to enjoy the festivities.

Chef-proprietor Thomas Keller cheerfully greeted guests. Keller may be fond of Prada boots, but he donned some rather uncharacteristic footwear that afternoon that one couldn’t help but notice — real-deal red clogs.

Chef Thomas Keller

Keller's footwear of choice on Sunday.

Me to Keller: “Are you pulling a Mario Batali?”

Keller quipped back: “Don’t say that. Don’t say that. Mario’s are orange and plastic. These are leather and wood. A chef has to uphold standards.”

Fun was definitely in the air on Sunday. If you’re used to the serene environment of the French Laundry, this was noisy, crowded and oh-so casual. It was fun to see cooks who normally turn out exquisite “Oysters and Pearls” instead creating fluffs of pink cotton candy and truffled popcorn.

A French Laundry cook makes four-star cotton candy.

Truffle popcorn, anyone?

The signature salmon cornets that usually precede every dinner at the French Laundry were in attendance on Sunday, but in miniature form.

The famous salmon tartare cornets with creme fraiche.

An assembly line to make the cornets.

Mini versions of Bouchon Bakery’s Nutter Butter cookies and chocolate snowman cupcakes also could be found all over the restaurant, including some set around an old-fashioned gingerbread house display.

Christmas tree cupcake

Chocolate snowman cupcakes

Sweets for the choosing.

Champagne and wine flowed endlessly. Tables were laden with all manner of charcuterie and cheeses, including a sinful brie laced with black truffles.

Part of the large offering of charcuterie.

Moreover, there was a make-your-own sandwich station French Laundry-style — with soft, buttery brioche buns heaped with house-made ketchup, horseradish Dijon, velvety butter lettuce leaves from the restaurant’s garden across the street, and the most tender slices of Snake River Farms beef tenderloin.

Beef tenderloin sandwiches on brioche buns.

Cooks slicing tender beef tenderloin.'' width=

If you were lucky, you could also snag a most decadent morsel from a server’s silver tray — a raspberry-filled cupcake with foie gras mousse frosting. Yes, let me repeat that — a cupcake with foie gras frosting. And yes, it was as rich and delightful as it sounds.

Foie gras mousse cupcake

Carolers in costume set the mood with renditions of favorite holiday songs.

Smoked sturgeon canape.

Sugar-dusted donut holes.

And for the kids, part of the kitchen was even turned into a do-it-yourself, cookie decorating station.

Cookie decorating station for kids.

One young girl's cookie art.

It was one stellar party from one stellar restaurant.

Hard at work in the gleaming kitchen.

An unadorned Christmas tree in the French Laundry's vegetable garden.

The entrance, with the posts decorated with holiday greeting cards.

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