Sweet Limes

Meet sweet limes that look like lemons and taste like candy.

Believe it.

I found these at the Santa Clara farmers market last weekend, selling for $2 a pound. I had to do a double-take when I spied the sign that stated that these bright yellow fruit were limes.

Yup, limes that look like rounder lemons and have barely any acid in them. You can peel them and eat them out of hand as you would a tangerine with no resulting pucker whatsoever. The peel smells of lemon and the flesh tastes like a sweet, watered down version of a lime crossed with a grapefruit.

...still look like tangy lemons -- but they're not.

Super juicy and refreshing, sweet limes are native to South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean, according to Wikipedia.

They’d be great tossed into a fruit salad or a green one with fennel.

Or just hand a whole one to a friend to eat and watch the reaction.

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