Fulton Fish Market Debuts New Online Delivery

Atlantic halibut delivered to my door via Fulton Fish Market that I cooked up for dinner.

Atlantic halibut delivered to my door via Fulton Fish Market that I cooked up for dinner.


The Fulton Fish Market has a storied history.

Originally established in 1822, it is one of the oldest markets in the country. Over the years, it has also grown into one of the most important East Coast fish markets in the country. Second in size only to Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, it handles millions of pounds of seafood daily from the United States and internationally.

Recently, it started a new online delivery program for consumers, which I was invited to try out for free.

I received two samples: A one-pound fillet ($35) of Fjord salmon, farm-raised in Denmark without antibiotics or GMOs; and a one-pound fillet ($27) of wild Atlantic halibut. They arrived in the mail neatly wrapped in plastic wrap and packed with ice packs.

We grilled the salmon, moist yet milder in taste than wild salmon. The halibut, which was a thinner fillet than I’m normally used to when buying wild Pacific, got pan-seared, then drizzled with cherry tomatoes cooked until softened with a little butter, capers, lemon juice and parsley.

Both tasted fresh and delicious.

The fillets come neatly portioned and wrapped.

The fillets come neatly portioned and wrapped.

The online ordering system also gives you various options if you order a whole fish. You can ask that it be descaled, filleted, cut into steaks or otherwise portioned.

There is free shipping for orders over $90. Otherwise, there is a flat-rate of $15 for shipping. For deliveries on the West Coast, plan on the seafood reaching you probably two days after you put the order in.

For someone like myself, who does live in California, ordering fish from a New York distributor might not make the most economic sense, unless you’re ordering a product that isn’t as readily available here, such as crawfish, which Fulton Fish Market does sell and deliver, both live and wild ($35.35 for a five-pound bag) or frozen from China ($60 for a five-pound bag).

But if you have friends and family in the Midwest or on the East Coast whom you’d like to send seafood to as a gift, Fulton Fish Market would be a good option.

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